PPG Meeting – 01/03/2023


  • Introductions
  • Care for Coffee Morning feedback
  • Waiting Room Questionnaires
  • Accessibility in Practice


Staff: Beth Caldwell, Anna Kumar, Judith, and Daanyaal

Patients: Michael Flitcroft, Martin Callaghan, David Kinsey, Allan Roberts, and Josephine Tingle


Judith has joined the Primary Care Network as a GP assistant, she is here to help aid the practice in any areas we may struggle with whether it be clinical or admin.

Daanyaal is here training for three weeks as a Physicians Associate, he will be shadowing during both nurse and GP clinics.

Care for Coffee Morning Feedback

We had an excellent turnout at the Care for Coffee Morning on Tuesday. The next coffee morning will take place on Tuesday 28th March where we will be joined by members of the hospice. The only area of improvement would be catering to the capacity as we had a lot more attendees than expected.

It was suggested to investigate hosting the mornings in nearby community buildings such as the club – Josephine has contacts so may be able to discuss this with them if possible. Another suggestion was to stagger times, so have some patients attending at 10am and others at 11am, or have an RSVP system so we can be better prepared.

Waiting Room Questionnaires

We would like the PPG to start speaking with patients face to face, we have created a questionnaire that can be used to collect more in-depth feedback to help improve our services. ID badges and lanyards will be provided for the PPG and any member is allowed to attend surgery whichever days work best for them and liaise with other patients. The questionnaire covers topics such as online services, ways to book appointments and the PPG.


Josephine mentioned a lot of areas of improvement to make the surgery more accessible to patients. Things mentioned included:

  • The door to exit the surgery does not have a button that will open it – it must be unlocked and opened manually which can be difficult for some people.
  • Providing letters in a different colour paper to make it easier to read.
  • Check whether the fire alarm flashes, and if not perhaps provide vibrating pads on the chairs in the waiting room.

Josephine also has connections with services that can provide education sessions for patients who may need assistance when using online services – we will advertise this in our waiting room. Josephine is also able to translate any important signs into BSL for patients who are hard of hearing and may not know how to read.


  • Discuss accessibility concerns in further detail and inform landlord/submit feedback to Ulysses.
  • Contact community buildings about the coffee morning.
  • Create ID badges for PPG members.