PPG Meeting – 13/05/24


Staff: Beth Caldwell, Anna Kumar, Louise Kumar

Patients: Mike, David, Phil, Martin


We had re-introduction and discussed practice updates for members who haven’t been able to attend this year.   This included the new cloud-based telephone system we will be having, which should make calling the surgery easier for both patients and staff. Not only will it be automatically linked to the patient’s records, but it will offer the ability to cancel an appointment with the click of a button or to be directed straight to a prescription line, freeing up the appointment line for others. Our current system has a lot of faults, especially in the queue, so we will be eager to receive feedback once this changes.  

This will mean we have a new phone number, and a message will be put out to let this be known – Martin suggested a poster competition with the primary schools to help us display the new number.  

We also discussed staff changes, ANP Adam and Dr Bandaru will be leaving as we have hired three new GPs who will be starting throughout the year. Dr Omneya has already started and is working Thursdays and Fridays.  
Recruiting PPG Members
Waiting Room/Facebook Video  

Mike has filmed a video to explain what the PPG is and how to sign up, this will be displayed on our social media and on the TV screens in the waiting room. This should hopefully encourage more patients to join the PPG.  

Mike will also be returning to the waiting room on Mondays and Thursdays to aid patients who may be struggling to use our online services or may just need somebody to talk to. There is a push for patients to make use of the NHS App more, and this can be achieved with Mike’s help.

Other Ways to Recruit

We discussed some other ways to encourage more people to sign up. Such as:
Adding a PPG question to the new patient questionnaire
Creating a leaflet
Advertising PPG member availability in the waiting room  
Any Other Business
Prescription Reauthorising  

Discussed whether it was a possibility for prescriptions to be automatically re-issued without having to be physically requested by a member of staff. This was taken into consideration, but due to safety it is important that repeat prescriptions are still looked at by a member of staff just in case there is anything going on that requires a doctor’s attention.


It has been advised that AskMyGP should be available all day for patients. We currently have this open from 8am-10am as we have found these times are the safest and most manageable for our staff. We suggested having the platform available for other requests such as prescriptions or general queries throughout the rest of the day and agreed that this may be the safest option.