PPG Meeting – 27/03/24


Staff: Beth Caldwell, Anna Kumar, Louise Kumar

Patients: Mike, David

Catch-up From Last Meeting
Warm Space

We discussed whether anybody has been to visit the warm space upstairs, Michael has a few times. Talked about how this space could be utilised in the future such as talks from different services, such as wellbeing talks from the mental health team. This is to be discussed with the wellbeing lead for the network.  

Waiting Room Videos  

Discussed Michael creating a video for both the waiting room and the website to inform other people about the PPG and the opportunities within it. Also talked about how he could visit the waiting room during busy days to talk to patients. We will create a script and set aside some time to film the video.  
Cancer Updates
Updates From Beth’s Meeting

We have received the numbers from the This Van Can campaign: 630 patients attended 550 got a PSA test 47 had further investigations 16 received a diagnosis   We also discussed about how videos in the waiting room and other external factors have prompted patients to talk to the GPs regarding a PSA test.

Discussed how we can spread further awareness using the waiting room TV and display board.  
Staff Changes

Our Reception Manager Charlene will be returning to work in the coming months and may even participate in some PPG meetings.   We are currently now interviewing for our new GP role.  

Updates in the Network  

Hawkley Brook and Shakespeare will be combining to create ‘South Wigan Medical Practice’
Any Other Business

Use surveys on the website to gather opinions from the PPG and other patients.  
Organise different awareness days